New Forest deer


The Fallow Deer was introduced into the UK by the Normans in the 11th Century Today, they are widespread and the most common deer in England.


It has been here in the wild so long it is considered naturalised. These deer were in the New Forest which was originally formed as a Royal Hunting Forest.





Losses. No chick pictures this year!

Last year I estimated over 1000 Black-headed Gulls fledged from the colony at Titchfield Haven. I watched them breed, lay eggs hatch and fledge. This year I can not see any eggs or chicks the nesting islands are almost empty. The islands appear to have been devastated and the nests predated by a fox. Last year these islands had standing room only.

empty 2.jpgempty 1.jpgblog empty.jpg

Last week I posted the picture below of a fox stealing eggs. It also looks that there is no surviving Avocet nest this year due to this issue whilst I enjoy watching foxes but there is a real issue caused by them within the reserve and management of the issue will have to be addressed. There is an electric cattle fence around the site but this predator has found a way in.

egg foxav last