Beach Breakfast.


True to its name Turnstones flipping stone and rocks on the shoreline looking for breakfast. Tiny crabs on the menu today. It is said a Turnstone can turn a rock as big as its own body weight.



Barnacle Geese.



Barnacle Geese are a medium-sized, sociable goose, with black head, neck and breast with a creamy-white face. This contrasts with the white belly, blue-grey barred back and black tail. They fly in groups in long lines, with a noisy chorus of barking sounds. Some 58,000 birds from Greenland winter in the UK only 900 pairs breed here. They are not normally seen in my patch on the Solent. These are the 1st I have seen in the wild and were further East near Camber Sands there were about 200 in this group.


Old Friends.

sanderling close fly

big group 1

Another post of my local flock of Sanderlings but I could not resist posting more pictures of these delightful birds at Meon Shore. Last time I spotted them they were being hit by storm force seas from Storm Erik. Today was so much calmer the Sanderlings were enjoying the sun for their daily rest time but as the tide approached they had to move further up the beach. I see the same leg rings among this flock so some must be the same birds that I see on a regular basis. Today I was able to sit on the beach and watch these birds for a while I pleased no one disturbed the birds or me watching them.

3 looking.jpg

1 one



family at rest.jpgat rest.jpg

Some general fact about Sandlings they are small birds they have a length of about 20cm and a wingspan of 36cm to 39cm and a weight of 50 to 60 grams. 

famliygroup look.jpgfamily.jpgwashingwave1look3dunksplash.jpg

rest by sea.jpggrouping.jpg

Standby for action.


Shoreham Fort, in West Sussex, is situated on a promontory at the mouth of the River Adur it was also known as Kingston or Shoreham Redoubt, completed in June 1857. It was last used as a gun battery in WW2 when a battery of six-inch guns was erected on the fort


We are lucky that a voluntary group has put much effort into maintaining and restoring the fort to ensure it is safe for the future.




There are good views from the form the fort of the harbour its small lighthouse and a fairly new RNLI lifeboat house.



Off world.


On 21 January 2019 there is a total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon, visible from the UK in the very early hours of the morning.  Britain will not see a total solar eclipse until September 23, 2090. I do not feel the moon was a red a it was when I last observed the lunar eclipse. (Pictures taken West End Southampton 07.30hrs)