Deep Blue Sea.

My last series of Little Egret pictures (this week,) these shots are on a brighter day with the sky reflecting on the water giving a blue cast.



Cruel Sea.


How the sea changes day to day – one day it is a play-ground on another day it challenges the skills of everyone on the water. Yesterday 3 crew died when an all-weather lifeboat capsized 800 metres from the coast around Les Sables d’Olonne France with seven people on board. One charity I support is our Lifeboat service. 



Terns turn to star.


I spent late Sunday afternoon at the water’s edge following the outgoing tide which gave me the opportunity to watch Common Terns observing their behaviors and the interactions between a pair. One feature of their activities I was able to record in pictures which I would guess is a part of their courtship ritual. A pair of birds would sit together either on the beach or on a rock.



They would then take off together and fly along the tide line calling loudly to each other. Then one would land and sit while the other dived for little fish. The one sitting would call and the other bird would bring in a fish and offer it to the other.


The UK breeding population of Common Terns is around 12,000 pairs there is a good population on the Solent. At Titchfield Haven, they have built floating islands with gravel decks for their nests which are little more than a small hollow in the gravel.



Summer colours.

sanderling summer 3

While watching Common terns on Meon shore yesterday afternoon out of the corner of my eye I spotted two waders fly past me and land on the water’s edge. A closer view confirmed they were a pair of sanderlings in summer plumage. Most birds will have moved North to their summer arctic breeding grounds but these two are among the few that stay in the UK through the summer. I enjoy watching these energetic little waders and did not expect to see any until early winter.

sanderling summersanderling summer 2sanderling summer 1

winter picture of Sanderlings below.