Good Hare day – Brown Hare.


Nice to see this Hare close up today. Picture heavy post for this one. 😊

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death at the light.


Veiws from over the hill from the cottage where we are staying look onto Little Ross Island. At the centre of the island is a lighthouse. It was constructed in 1843 by lighthouse builder Alan Stevenson. The island was home to the head lighthouse keeper, underkeeper and their families.  The inhabitants were fairly self-sufficient with food from the sea and a small dairy and piggery.


 In August 1960 two relief lighthouse keepers were sent to the lighthouse during the holiday of the keepers. A member of a local RNLI. He had landed on the island for a walk with his son and stumbled upon the body of  Hugh Clark one of the keepers. – It was a Murder at the lighthouse!

light island


Soon a nationwide hunt for the other relief keeper, Robert Dickson was underway. Arrested he was found guilty of murder and was initially sentenced to hang. The sentence subsequently changed to life imprisonment.


The lighthouse was manned until the murder and has been automated since 1961. Last year the island and its buildings were sold for less than a Glasgow flat.