Romney Marsh.


I have visited St Thomas A Becket Fairfield on Romney Marsh many times over the years. This little church stands out on the marsh surrounded by waterways often totally surrounded by water during wet months a causeway was built in 1913. The village in once served has been lost and today it is in the Parish of Brookland Brenzett & Snargate. By 1912 the church was in a poor state and was rebuilt.




Today was the first time had ventured inside, picking up the large key from a local farmhouse. Inside painted white box pews fill the aisle a three deck pulpit and Biblical texts hung on the walls. Going inside it feels like being transported back 200 years




HX108489 (2).JPG

Some general views of Romney Marsh.

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1st Snow in Hampshire 2019


Last night we had some snow which quickly turned to rain. With a dry frosty morning, we decided to go for a walk at Old Winchester Hill and found some snow was still on the Hampshire hills. 

(Old Winchester Hill, Warnford, Petersfield SO32 3NQ,)



We had lunch in our campervan and quickly realized that the car park has a good place to bird watch. Today’s spots include the following.

coal tit

Coal Tit.

great tit 01

Great Tit.


robin owh


robin owh1

willow tit 2

Willow Tit.

willow tit3willow tit

hedge sparrow 1

Hedge Sparrow.

hedge sparrow

hedge sparrow 2

blue tit

Blue Tit.

blue tit 2

blue tit3blue tit high

blue tit1

blue tit 5