Rooks are a bare faced bird with a greyish-white face they have a thinner beak and peaked head compared to the carrion crow. Rooks are very sociable birds and you’re not likely to see one on its own. They feed and roost in flocks. They nest in prominent colonies of multiple nests at the tops of trees, this Rookery has a main road and a dyke between me and it but the birds see me approaching and quickly alert each other and move down to the fields and out of view.

rooks 22.jpg




Over for a closer look.


Sometimes you see something different in the countryside. Last week we spotted a heard of Asian Water Buffalo on the edge of the New Forest near Lymington. In recent years Water Buffalo farming in the UK seems to be growing and a little more common.



Water buffalo are a powerful breed and Inquisitive animals.  I was happy not to be in the field with them but behind a gate. Once spotted one animal came over to have a closer look at me.