Wardour Castle.

Rather difficult to find along small lanes in Wiltshire Old Wardour Castle has an unusual hexagonal design. It’s lakeside setting, today surrounded by acres of woodland and overlooking a lake hides its blood-stained past. During the English Civil War, a battle was fought here in 1643 when Parliamentarian forces besieged the castle for several weeks. By the time the occupants surrendered, the damage to the castle was extensive. Today, surrounding grounds have been landscaped which include an elaborate rockwork grotto.


The few.



2018 is the 100th Anniversary of the forming of the Royal Air Force. The Battle of Britain Memorial is a monument to aircrew who flew in the Battle of Britain.



The memorial is situated at Capel-le-Ferne near Folkestone on the White Cliffs of Dover,

The memorial is in the form of a large propeller-shaped base, with the figure of a seated pilot carved by Harry Gray sitting at the centre.

There is also a Memorial Wall which is engraved with the names of all those who took part in The Battle of Britain and were awarded the Battle of Britain Clasp.  the battle that took place between July and October 1940.



At the rear of the site near the visitors’ centre are replica’s of the Spitfire and Hurricane.




Old and New.

Historic lifeboats in Hastings. 

“Priscilla Macbean” was built just across the Solent from our home at J S White in Cowes on the Isle of White in 1925. She is a 35-foot self-righting lifeboat. Powered by oars (she had a crew of 8 to 10 men) and a sail this was backed up by a 15hp single petrol engine capable of 6 knots. She saw service with RNLI until being sold off in 1934. After being used as a private pleasure boat. She found decaying in a field until 2012 when she was restored.


Also built by J S White in Cowes Cyril Lillian Bishop saw service from 1931 to 1950. She was also a self-righting lifeboat  35 feet in length she had a top speed of 7.5 knots from her 35hp engine.


Below is the brand new Hastings Lifeboat – Shannon Class boat named “Richard and Caroline Colton” numbered  13-28 next to the boat she is replacing 12-002 the 30-year-old Mersey Class lifeboat. The Shannon Class boat is capable of 25 knots a bit faster than the “Priscilla Macbean”!


Below –  A “silent film” of the beach taken on 18th October.




Advice – do not eat.

An iconic Toadstall this pale orange Fly Agaric at Bodium East Sussex.


The Fly Agaric is a large white-gilled white spotted capped Toadstall its cap is usually deep red and is one of the most recognisable species. As well as the being red capped examples paler examples can be found these can be pale orange, yellow or brown. 


It is classified as poisonous but deaths from ingestion said to be very rare. Apparently, cooking weakens its toxicity and breaks down the mushroom’s psychoactive substances. In some cultures, it is used as a hallucinogenic.





2 lights.jpg


Today we visited Kents most southerly point an atmospheric spot where a mixture of old fishing huts many of which have become designer holiday homes. Many rusting winches remain to show that the small fleet of beach-launched fishing boats was a lot larger in the past.





There are 2 lighthouses the modern concrete lighthouse replaced the old lighthouse which became obsolete when the nuclear power station was built which dominates the area set on the shingle the area looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.




However, Dungeness has been designated as a National Nature Reserve a Special Protection Area and a Special Area of Conservation. It is said to be the home to 600 species of plants which is a third of all plants found in the UK.

There is a steam narrow gauge railway going to Dungeness which runs most days.