Hares on the beach!


A new find for me on the seashore this morning 2 Sea Hare’s washed up on the beach. They are a type of sea snail (although they look more like a slug)which are found in coastal UK waters. They are named for their ‘bunny ear’ tentacles, known as rhinophores which are used to detect scents in the water. They have a small shell embedded in their back and fleshy frills either side of their body which they use for breathing. The 2 I found were dark brown but their colours can also be green, red or purple. The colour depends on the type of seaweed they feed on.


Unfourchantley 1 was dead but I returned the other to the water – it responded by shooting out a purple ink a chemical called opaline, changing the colour of the water around it and my hands! This is part of its defence from predators.