Sleepytime Girl.

Outside The Pilot Inn at Dungeness is an old engine which is a memorial to a US Bomber lost during WW2. (recommended pub if you are in the area and looking for lunch ).


A local fisherman, snagged a large object on the seabed, just off Dungeness point. It was recovered and was identified as a 9 cylinder radial engine complete with three propeller blades still intact. Subsequently, it was confirmed the engine’s identity as one of the four Wright/Cyclone engines, that came from ‘Sleepytime Girl’, an American World War II B17 Flying  Fortress Bomber. On 24th April 1944, Sleepytime Girl’ was on a daytime bombing raid over an aircraft factory at Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany. The aircraft suffered heavy flak damage and all four engines cut out, the crew dived the B17 to 5,000 feet and managed to restart the damaged engines. Her crew then had a vote and opted to fly back towards the safety of Britain, rather than trying to make it to Switzerland, which was closer.


At 5,000 feet the B17 limping home she was a sitting duck and repeatedly attacked over France, where 2 ME-109’s further damaged the aircraft, knocking out three of the four engines. Over the Channel on a single engine, she ditched into the sea off Dungeness. Only four of the original crew of ten were left alive and were rescued by an RAF Air Sea Rescue Walrus seaplane. Below some old pictures of a B17, I took in the UK at Duxford Aeronautical Museum.





Fish at Whitstable.




Whitstable has a classic, fish market, right by the fishing boats in the busy little harbour. The fish is not cheap like from the boats at Hastings. I think the proximity to London and the London prices are reflected here. At over £28 a kilo for Dover and £35, a kilo for Halibut gives an idea of the prices here. I am not into making political statements but the flag flying in the harbour was telling all some of the local fishermen’s view of the EU.