Romney Marsh.


I have visited St Thomas A Becket Fairfield on Romney Marsh many times over the years. This little church stands out on the marsh surrounded by waterways often totally surrounded by water during wet months a causeway was built in 1913. The village in once served has been lost and today it is in the Parish of Brookland Brenzett & Snargate. By 1912 the church was in a poor state and was rebuilt.




Today was the first time had ventured inside, picking up the large key from a local farmhouse. Inside painted white box pews fill the aisle a three deck pulpit and Biblical texts hung on the walls. Going inside it feels like being transported back 200 years




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Some general views of Romney Marsh.

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Barnacle Geese.



Barnacle Geese are a medium-sized, sociable goose, with black head, neck and breast with a creamy-white face. This contrasts with the white belly, blue-grey barred back and black tail. They fly in groups in long lines, with a noisy chorus of barking sounds. Some 58,000 birds from Greenland winter in the UK only 900 pairs breed here. They are not normally seen in my patch on the Solent. These are the 1st I have seen in the wild and were further East near Camber Sands there were about 200 in this group.