10 Jul 1940 – 31 Oct 1940

White Cliffs.jpg

I am the closest I have been to France for years looking out across towards Europe. Even my mobile sends me a Text “Welcome to France.” Traces of past conflicts with Europe are abundant on this coast.

ww2 Pill box.jpg

After the fall of France and the evacuation of Europe by Operation, Dynamo in June 1940 Britan stood alone.


Over the Skyes “the few” protected our Island remembered at the Battle of Britain Memorial above the White Cliffs of Dover.

M1 Harracane (replica).jpg


The Hawker Hurricane was the plane used by the RAF to address the Bombers crossing the channel.

MK1 Spitfire (replica).jpg


The Supermarine Spitfire fought with the Fighters.

Replica aircraft stand at the Memorial.  It has been estimated that around 1,000 British planes were shot down during the Battle while over 1,800 German planes were destroyed. 





Rooks are a bare faced bird with a greyish-white face they have a thinner beak and peaked head compared to the carrion crow. Rooks are very sociable birds and you’re not likely to see one on its own. They feed and roost in flocks. They nest in prominent colonies of multiple nests at the tops of trees, this Rookery has a main road and a dyke between me and it but the birds see me approaching and quickly alert each other and move down to the fields and out of view.

rooks 22.jpg