Gull dating.

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At Titchfield Haven, the Black-headed Gulls have started to pair up and start their courtships.

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The quiet has started to be broken by their calling. Avocets have also arrived you can see on behind the gulls in the short film. (Sound on if you want to hear the noise!) Some of the gulls have their full coloured heads some are yet to change.


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One of our commonest small waders found along the coast. It has a slightly down-curved bill. These birds are in winter colours so lack their distinctive black belly patch seen in their breeding plumage. In some parts of the UK, they feed in flocks sometimes numbering in thousands, roosting on nearby fields, saltmarshes and shore when the tide is high. On Meon Beach, I usually only see 3 or 4 usually among the flock of Sanderlings I follow.



You will see how similar the Dunlin are to the Sanderlings in size and mannerisms it is easy to miss them when there are only 3 or 4 in a flock of 50 or 60 Sanderlings.