A rare drive out.


Today was a short trip out in the van to collect some fresh fish supplies and some medication. Sadly apart from a quick stop to record the view I could not justify stopping for any longer than that even to undertake my daily exercise. Mission accomplished and items collected and working to social distancing.  2 extra miles added to driving distance see the sea.



Friday exercise walk.


I decided in a larger loop for my walk today. I made the error of not taking a long lens today as I saw a Roe Deer Buck and 2 foxes. Below is the M27 Motorway at what should be the Rush Hour.


Nice quiet fields to walk across although a warning of a Dexter Bull this turned out to be an empty field.



Spot the fox – spot the deer.


There was a nice show of Milkmaids in flower in the damp fields.


milk blog



Memories of 20years ago.

Dursey Island Cork Republic of Ireland. 

From the Irish mainland at Ballaghboy on the tip of the Beara peninsula, Ireland’s only cable car crosses high above the waters of the Atlantic to Dursey Island.  The flimsy gondola holds 6 souls. With a fantastic view down to the sea below as you take the 10-minute ride to the island.  I was somewhat reassured by the small bottle of holy water from Knock secured within the gondola. 

Dursey Island is one of the few inhabited islands that lie off the southwest coast of Ireland. The Island is 6.5 km long and 1.5 km wide. It is separated from the mainland by a narrow stretch of water called the Dursey Sound.